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COVID Updates

In light of the extremely large numbers of persons who are sick with Covid at this time, and the extremely large numbers of persons who are in the hospital with Covid at this time, I have sought the Lord's wisdom for our gatherings at Mt. Zion Church.   

1.)  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND  gatherings if you have any symptoms of sickness.  Online worship and Bible Study is available for those who cannot be with us in person.  

2.)  WE WILL CONTINUE TO FOCUS on providing fresh, clean air in all of our buildings. To do so we have greatly upgraded the filters on all our air systems, we have greatly increased the percentage of fresh air intake on all our air systems, and we have installed the correct strength and number of air purifiers in the rooms of all our buildings.  

3.)  PLEASE JOIN ME IN PRAYING for the healing of those who are sick, and for the Lord to bring an end to this pandemic.  

4.)  WE WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE THE MOST OF THIS TIME, looking for, and seizing, every opportunity the Lord gives us to bring the life saving love and truth of Jesus to heart after heart after heart.  

5.) I AM VERY THANKFUL THAT MT. ZION CHURCH has chosen not to waste our time grumbling and feeling sorry for ourselves; but, instead, during these troubled times to pro-actively reach with great love to the lost, the hurting, the needy, and the broken.

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