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MZ Groups

At Mt. Zion, we have three types of groups for you to join:

Connecting - Bible Study - Support

All three are unique, however, no matter which group you join, we are getting strong in the Word and reaching out in the name of Jesus!

Connecting Groups

 These are composed of  a smaller group of people, about 10 at the most. These group members get together weekly or monthly. Some meetings occur at Mt. Zion, but most occur in the community, people's homes, local coffee shops, or virtually. These are men's, women's, & couple's groups

Bible Study

Bible studies occur throughout the year & are open for anyone to attend.


These groups are geared toward a specific concern.  Some examples are Celebrate Recovery, Stephen's Ministry, Hannah's Hope, & Intercessory Prayer.

Great Discipleship Tool

The Purple Book is a great tool to grow your faith and help someone grow in their faith.  

  • Go through it on your own,

  • take someone through it, or

  • have someone take you through it

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Are you bold enough to join a group?
Are you bold enough or interested in starting a group?

Contact Andy McMullin to discuss

any of the above groups & to learn about availability in groups: [email protected]

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