Associate Worship Technology Administrator

(Paid * Part Time * 15 hours weekly)

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Summary Description


The Associate Worship Technology Administrator supports the installation, programming, facilitation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of audio, lighting, projection, and video equipment used to support worship services and other special events hosted by Mt. Zion Church.


Key Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Support the technical production of Mt. Zion worship services and special events as directed by the Director of Worship and Sr. Pastor.

  2. Assist with preventative and corrective maintenance of audio, video, lighting, projection, and all related support equipment and devices.

  3. Assist with inventory of audio, lighting, projection, video, and other supporting equipment.  

  4. Supports midweek rehearsals for the worship team.

  5. Shoot and edit video and music in support of  Mt Zion ministries.

  6. Conduct research, provide recommendations, and invest in professional development to stay up-to-date and relevant with regard to trends and improvements related to worship technology.

  7. Provide hands on and remote training to support staff, interns, and other volunteers.

  8. Recruit and train volunteers to assist and operate audio, lighting, projection, and video equipment during worship services and special events.

  9. Work with Director of Worship to create an end-to-end presentation of all requirements within ProPresenter 7, Online Church Platform, and Vimeo in preparation for weekend and other special services. Updates and maintains various digital platforms and software tools associated with worship technology.  Assist media and marketing director with creation, implementation, and sustainment of Mt. Zion worship material.

  10. Attend Director of Worship and other staff meetings as required.


Hourly Breakdown Example (15 hours)

**Suggested hours below may shift or fluctuate based on requirements and circumstances of the week.

Sunday            5 Hr

Monday           OFF

Tuesday          2 Hr

Wednesday     3 Hr

Thursday         1 Hr

Friday             OFF

Saturday          4 Hrs ( Could be assigned on Sunday Nights)




  1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  It is expected that there will be at all times an unquestionable integrity, sincerity, and Christ like attitude in the performance of these duties and in relating to all persons, including the pastors, members and visitors of this church.  It is expected that all employees of the church will have a faith and moral character that is beyond reproach.

  2. Have an in-depth knowledge of X-32 sound board, digital lighting, Propresenter 7, and Black Magic video equipment. Experience live streaming using the Online Church Platform is a plus.

  3. Have a working knowledge of electronics and electronic repair to facilitate the maintenance of audio, video, lighting, and projections systems.

  4. Have a working knowledge of contemporary Windows and Macintosh computer and tablet systems.

  5. Be proficient at audio mixing techniques for live performances (bands, choirs, solo vocalists, etc.).  Should have the ability to mix audio and video systems in a professional manner that produces excellent output quality for audiences and performers.

  6. Have excellent oral communication skills and maintain a good attitude.

  7. Have the ability to work with others in the planning, organizing, and implementation of the audio, video, lighting, and projection equipment and software necessary to successfully support worship services and special events.

  8. Flexibility and a dedication to the mission is an absolute must.  This position requires weekly flexibility to the ever-changing schedules that often arrive amidst church life.


Work Environment and Physical Demands


The work environment and physical demand characteristics describe here are representative of those that may be encountered while performing these duties and responsibilities.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these duties.


While performing the duties of this job the employee will normally be in temperature-controlled facilities. However, on occasion, one may be asked to set up equipment in the outdoors, such as a park or retreat center that may have limited amenities.  The noise level of the work environment may be that found in an auditorium during music or choir performances.  The employee is frequently required to use hands and reach with hands and arms.  Some moderate physical exertion is required during stage setup and breakdown activities.


The employee needs to be able to lift an object weighing 40 pounds from the ground to a standing position and be able to transport the object up to 100 feet away.


The employee may be asked to operate a mechanical lift that is used to elevate the employee to heights of up to 30 feet in the air for maintenance of equipment and inventory.


The employee may be asked to perform their duties while standing for prolonged periods of time, up to an hour at a time.  Chairs and stools are often available for use during such times.

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